UPDATE 5-27-2015: Now taking pre-orders at EYE 5 TOYS!


Dear Diaries Are Stupid…

This guy Aaron did a drawing of me. It was pretty cool, I guess.

Then this guy Adler David Romero at Eye 5 Toys made that drawing into this AWESOME plastic thingee. I mean, yeah, it’s 100% freaky to look at myself in tiny plastic form, but it’s also undeniably awesome. Look at her little hands!

Tiny plastic me is all hand-painted and 10″ tall. (SHUT UP TESS THAT’S NOT “LIFE-SIZED.”) There’s only going to be like 200 of these little weirdos, and they’ll be up for pre-order Wednesday, May 27th. I guess they’ll be out toward the end of the year.

So yeah, why not put a weird little witch in your house? I promise not to creep down off the shelf and bite you TOO often.